Verbal Confirmation

Daily Prompt Challenge – The Daily Post – Verbal Confirmation

To be, to have, to think, to move — which of these verbs is the one you feel most connected to? Or is there another verb that characterizes you better?

If there is a verb which characterised me better, it’s ‘to imagine‘. I like to imagine things in different perspectives. Especially, when it’s to getting into writing a fictional story. But when I’m not thinking about some idea towards writing, I tend to imagine scenarios and places, situations and problems, with solutions and adventure, mysteries and suspense holding out the essence.

For example, if I watch the skies when the rains pour over every exposed physical entity that appears, I’d like to imagine, what if every raindrop had a life of its own? I’d like to ask whether they intended to fall on their own, or were they following orders as they were charged to execute? On the other hand, what if the waving of the trees had something to do with the heavy rainfall?

Whenever I watch something different occur in my life, it feels like something new has dropped in, changing everything. Imagine the possibilities of a particular situation to occur, in the case of a possible/impossible thing should occur, it may feel like magic sprouting out like a flower, with a fountain at the top.

To make things complicated, I like to imagine a lot. But that doesn’t declare that ‘to be’, ‘to have’, ‘to think’, ‘to move’ or any other verb could be declared as the verb that characterises someone. I’m sure there would be others who would agree on it as well. There may be some who are balanced with different verb combinations, which characterise them. And so it is the same for me too, for I think a lot, when my character speaks out. For if I don’t think, I may not imagine. And to think, I have to believe in myself, which leads me to a third verb, and to believe, is to lead myself to act upon something which I either have knowledge or experience.

Although the daily prompt does specify which verb is better, I believe there may be at least two which run in parallel. But I cannot say that others are less than the ones I mention. For in that, they might lose their trust on me. I know it sounds ridiculous, unless you’ve imagined words to have lived a life of their own.

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