Writing Challenge – The Daily Post – Interview

For this week’s challenge, let someone else do the talking.

Here’s an interview I had with someone very close to me:

Q: Are you happy with what you’re doing?

A: I feel okay. Although, I do feel insecure in various ways of life, based on the current trends in life. There’s no monetary gain since more than two years now, and I wonder how long I will have to wait until the situation get better.

Q: Are you going to do something about it?

A: In due time, yes. Time is a factor which needs to be considered significant here. But the fact that I have lived under expectations for so long, due to societal and cultural flaws, has aroused my rebellion character. I wish to free myself from such matters, which are unessential. I shall prioritise over a period (a time span which I cannot measure) in educating and experiencing the new course of life I wish to live. Hence, I might as well wait in patience and practice upon my newly acquired habits and skills.

Q: What do you wish to gain from your new life?

A: I believe I should let the world know of my thoughts, the way I see life. The different perspectives and narratives I produce along as I descend into the maelstrom consisting of problems, solutions, and the involved procedures to solve the indefinite and unending complications during my lifetime.

Q: I’m sure that is a great way to share the experiences you have by now, and shall have in the future as well. How do you intend to provide such massive knowledge to the masses worldwide? In other words, how would you let the world know about what you have in mind?

A: There are innumerable ways to express what one has experienced. Let’s say, if you’ve experienced death within your family who was close to you. One could reflect it well inside a story where tragedy occurs, creating shock to the readers, for the death of the character’s relative shall affect the character while trying to move on in his/her life. The feelings and emotions shall appear along as the story progresses. Sometimes, that tragic event might be the reason for the character to reach a failure in the quest or mission. You see, there are other ways to say different things. It’s not simply what the world says, but rather how it’s mentioned.

Q: Well, I wish to thank you for taking out your precious time towards your readers. Before we take leave, I’d like to ask one last question. Is there anything you’d like to tell your audience?

A: There isn’t much to say, but life has to keep moving. And that life needs change all the time. If your life remains static and stagnant, you’re as good as a weathered rock, kicked out by every living entity who watches you as a nobody. Unless you change yourself, and do what it takes to become what you wish to be, life shall put you down all the time (unless if you’re super lucky). I shall not enforce anyone to do what he/she wishes to do. Nevertheless, I shall only say one thing – Do what you feel and believe is right.

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