In spirit and energy with Sakura Gakuin

I  shall write about a group, which inspired and motivated me, helped me live through depression and frustration, when irritation has had its height of implementation over me. Although those times do not exist any more, I find myself attached to this group. Sakura Gakuin (or さくら学院, or Cherry Blossom Academy) has become a significant part of my life. I shall not explain and describe who they are. One can find more information about it over the internet.

Today being 29th March, 2015, it is the Graduation Day for the fourth year. I’ve been their fan since somewhere around mid-January, 2015 after I came to know about Babymetal, a Kawaii Metal (Cute Metal) music band from Japan. Babymetal consists of Suzuka Nakamoto, Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi, accompanied by Kami band providing metal music. As I kept listening to Babymetal every day, I was intrigued and curious to know more about the three schoolgirls who performed brilliantly, with such excellent synchronous dance performance. Every live performance I watched made them seem to look like perfect musical masters.

However, things did not stop there for me. I came to know of them as part of another group Sakura Gakuin, which consists of ten members as of today. Nonetheless, four of them shall graduate by evening today. Yui Mizuno, Moa Kikuchi, Hana Taguchi and Yunano Notsu shall have graduated by today evening. I shall miss them even more now. Moreover, I’m already having my tears take off from my heart as I write this. I cried even as I took a bath today, and it was when I decided I would dedicate this day towards Sakura Gakuin. I shall write about this lovely group that I have known to be like angels.

Sakura Gakuin’s past has had a lot of history as well. After watching videos about them during their academic years, I find it hard to see how surprising things went, year after year, and when things started to grow thereafter. They even have a session on LoGirl where they come every Monday. I shall miss these four graduates now on. I might never even see them anymore. Although I know that Yui and Moa will appear with Suzuka in Babymetal. But it has been beautiful to see them in their true colours, where they play pranks, have fun, and even do weird things out of the blue. I shall miss it all each one of them.

Speaking of which, I feel I have already missed out graduates who passed out in the past years. Ayami, Airi, Marina, Nene, Suzuka, Hinata, Ayaka, Mariri, and Raura. Although they’ve already graduated and have long been on their way ahead in their life, I find myself attached to them as well. In addition, I can’t even wonder why something like this has happened. There is something I feel constrained to do. I like them all, no matter how different and unique they all are, how good or bad they might be in their personal lives. Sometimes I start to think whether I’ve been charmed by an enchantment from these lovely girls.

Moreover, how am I to forget those who managed to get all of this in front of the world? Amuse Inc. has done an incredible job, hats off to them all. All the Sakura Gakuin teams, admin, camera, planning, to the head of Sakura Gakuin who leads with such a brilliant idea, and to Mori sensei who worked his way so hard into getting everyone to laugh most of the time.

Today I shall watch Graduation shows of the last two years back to back in the evening. I just wished there was a paid viewing of this year’s graduation ceremony over the internet. I hope they’ll release it for purchase soon.

It feels like happiness and sadness with tears come hand in hand as my feelings for these wonders simply run across through my view, although in my imagination, after I keep watching their videos repetitively in daily doses. Suzuka’s Delorean video is like a legend for me. After all, it is logically correct and I agree with her choice. Then there’s Einstein being called an old man. I shall never forget these class test examples. I haven’t seen all of them, but I’m sure there’s much more in store.

I completely forgot to mention something significant. I have had an interest in learning Japanese language since I was very young. However, most of everyone whom I spoke about it told me that Japanese is very tough and difficult to learn. All of this put a break on me towards learning the Japanese language. Nevertheless, the few days after getting to know Babymetal and after watching their videos of documentaries, it all seemed to have pushed me over the edge. I took the challenge and started on my own to learn Japanese language. This became a turning point for me. Everything seemed to flow like a stream, one step at a time. With no support from anyone else but the aura of all the members of Sakura Gakuin, I had enough motivation to push myself further. It’s been not more than three months I’ve been learning and everything is flowing smoothly. I would say ‘You were wrong.’ to those who told me that learning this language was tough. I might even add to it saying that it was most possible that they never faced such intriguing challenges. Moreover, to all of this, I would like to give my thanks to those who brought this beautiful language to me.

Although I still have to learn a lot about Japanese language, I still watch LoGirl, their videos, and even other shows where I can get to learn from hearing.

I believe I shall have to keep on writing about these wonderful people, and the topics on which I have in mind, seem to be endless. This has made me think of writing an episodic about them. I wonder now, why this never struck my mind before.


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