The Wonder of Life

Is it all wonder, a vast beauty of thought towards paradise? I think and I feel it might just be as unreal as it has always been. Nonetheless, have I even wondered if I am real? Or are you? Maybe, even the objects you see, touch, and feel are only a blink of your imagination.

Every part of this self is either made out of memories and experiences of the innumerable dimensions we’ve lived through in a multitudinous span of lives. Or have we only become part of the oneness that might just be across the corner? Or maybe, we are already part of it. There are so many things to wonder about. Our minds can spin and roll into an infinite space of both, void and the otherwise. The lust of imagination that causes the flu for curious exploring minds through spirit is the bliss of it all. No wonder, everything that is part of our life is also part of another. Each and every matter of being, object, no matter it be physical or abstract, is both one and part of the true nature of the whole.

Life is all but filled with complicated matters that are in themselves void in true substance, essence and spirit. To fill these void sections and patterns, we have to wonder the beauty of nature, and the glamour and ecstasy within our true self. All of these man-made concepts are strong, only because they are supported and followed by man himself. Could you imagine yourself to be something other that the human species, only to see them working out things that would spin out your conscience regarding what all the madness went about? Where is all the humanity? Are they really just living their lives? Surviving and going along with the flow of mankind that has conquered the planet? Wondering what it means to be out of the human world is also a life filled with beauty. But that does not mean that we are bad enough to live within the human society and community. It has limits, those which are bound to be bent and broken some day when the right time comes. All we need to experience is our true self in spirit, and not the persona that we wear in front of the people we come in contact with.

Besides this, we all have a common perspective. One that wills us to become creative. One that spreads out a carpet of imagination towards manifesting everything is the world we have. Through various skills, we build civilisations, which in itself is a major accomplishment to ponder about. However, we are mature enough to think why keep fighting amongst ourselves, the people of the world. Why are we so concrete in keeping the lands to ourselves, and be enslaved in the sins of greed and power, to be filled with grabbing and attaining and achieving what others have? Haven’t we all lived through a history of dark times of war and savage, brutal enough to almost wipe out each other? Are we all about wanting so desperately to wish ourselves towards our own wishful and eager death? From the comforts of luxurious satisfaction to the ends of the world, aren’t we content yet to let go of our greed to keep ourselves honest and hopeful for a better future for ourselves? We are all enslaved by our persona in an attempt to give ourselves to the common cause of humanity. But are we truly fulfilling it? Or are we only puppets of the smaller percentage of the people who sit down in the seats of power?

We can imagine the future of a long-lost world of people. Cities and nations, deserted of humans. Its glory lost in the control for power. And when power is granted, there is always a desire to gain more power. We can only wonder how much power we desire to gain from this puny life that we live in such a vast and gigantic universe, where our galaxy itself is like a speck of dust. It is where we can only imagine aliens much advanced than ourselves, isolated in the farther regions of the universe. We all think of them to be superior than the human species. Nonetheless, we never think to come together. Become one as a whole. And in such togetherness, we shall only outlive what powerful forces desire to overcome humanity.

Or are we only thinking of something that we have been doing so far since homo sapiens evolved. As we think of all possible ways to communicate with any possible aliens, we are only thinking of them to be living so far away that we do not even think to glance what is within us. To reach out within ourselves is to make believe what we truly are. Are we really conscious of ourselves, of our true nature? Or are we only subjects to the genes and hormones that attempt to control us and keep us enslaved? These words are not of a single individual, or a person. Many have thought of it. And lots have even communicated about it, speaking or writing about their ways on how life truly can be considered. It is a joy to be in whatever manifestation we are. Even when we are only humans, we only comprehend what we believe, and imagine the infinite possibilities that might be out there. No matter if we are living or dead, object or abstract, we may be one and whole with all that we truly are. And we might just need to realise it soon, before we attempt to exterminate ourselves as human beings.

We may be one, but we are all connected in a mesh of everything that surrounds us, not only in this physical manifestation, but also in ways not understood by us. If we are to grow up from what we currently are right now, we need to understand ourselves, and live in ways to improve the world that we live, supporting only that which is of real necessity. It is only up to us to decide what real things are, and differentiate between what aren’t.

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