Where we are

Shifting sands encroach fields of treasure,
Growing seeds broken down to lumps of logs,
Winds afar fade into smogs of disaster,
Raging fires devour gracefully the crafts of man.

Like rocks people feel towards the warring skies,
Acting dead, they keep lurking in their own shadows,
With pride they crawl below the growing threats,
For they do not know of their own cowardice.

Pinnacle of survival is long lost to us,
The great man is almost passed away,
Along the sins made by our ancestors,
We’re facing the tortures of ignorance.

Procreating without thought of how to survive,
The lust of genes that attract people together,
In such power sources, we have forgotten,
What shall come to us who deny the truth.

Living to gain power over silly man-made concepts,
Ruling lands do not cover the facts at all,
Shameful are we to not act upon our own pride,
Long lost it seems that we shall never thrive.


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