Encounter with a Baby Squirrel

I had a wonderful experience with a Baby Squirrel. It was fortunate to live without getting hurt after it fell a height of a good seven or eight foot. Let me explain what happened.

After it fell down and hid itself in one of the dark corners, I somehow managed to make it hop into a bottle after scaring it from behind. Here’s what it looked like when it was inside as I searched for its parents or relatives nearby. (By the way, I live on the second floor and the squirrels climb pipes that run outside the bathroom.)Baby Squirrel in Bottle

It lay alert and cautious for about 10 minutes. As I held the bottle and stand in the balcony when it squeaked to call its parents, there wasn’t a squirrel in the area. After about half an hour, I went down to show the baby squirrel to one of his relative (or so I assumed) and removed it on a small piece of cloth for comforting the squirrel, before it could walk out on the rough ground. Unfortunately, none of its relatives appeared. I tried all locations of the society ground, but there weren’t any.

As I removed the baby squirrel out of the bottle on my hand, it got a warm shake from the sun and became active. However, it didn’t risk jumping as it saw the ground about four feet below him. I guess he remembered his previous fall in my house before. With that, he simply sat on my palm and I covered it with my other hand to cover it from contact with direct sunlight. There was still no sign of any squirrels anywhere nearby.

I took the baby squirrel back home and took a picture. Well, it looked at the camera with caution in the beginning, the backside of the camera being red in colour.Baby Squirrel Cautious

Then after some time of clicking snaps (without the flash, of course), I guess the squirrel was comfortable. That’s when it went into more like giving different poses. Maybe it felt how it was to be involved in the glamour world.

It had become comfortable and did not even jump as I placed my hand close to the ground. What I could think of was that it was receiving the warmth from my hand and didn’t want to let go. Alternatively, maybe it was some other reason. Within minutes after my taking snaps, I tried feeding water, but it simply rejected it. It had already been about an hour and a half it was away from its family. If I didn’t keep it hydrated, it would die soon.Baby Squirrel Posing

Minutes later, I saw the baby squirrel go to sleep. It slept for around twenty minutes. As it slept, I believe it was having dreams as its body moved all the time as similar to how a human body moves while in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep state.Baby Squirrel Sleeping

When I heard one squirrel making a noise on a nearby tree, I woke the baby squirrel and went down with it in my palm. When I reached ground level and saw the squirrel on the tree, I had to wait so that it saw the baby squirrel. Moreover, it started to make rapid vocal sounds as I mimicked him. When I placed the baby squirrel on the soft cloth, it didn’t want to get off me. When I went away, the squirrel didn’t come close. Instead, the baby squirrel had moved towards a trunk of a tree, where I had to pick it up. I placed the squirrel near a rough area so that it wouldn’t move out of the cloth and then started to make sounds of a squirrel myself.

After about two minutes, a squirrel came down off the pipes and became cautious towards the sound. Fortunately, the baby squirrel replied frequently, as it couldn’t get off from the soft cloth. However, it reached the baby squirrel, cleaned it, and then picked it up and reached for the closest tree to climb. I went back home then.

It was wonderful and felt like blessed with a baby squirrel for two hours. I hope you enjoyed it as well. Let me know what would you do if you had an unexpected baby squirrel come out?


Strange Behaviours – Crows

Last week I went to Churchgate, in Mumbai, to pay the electric bill. While I stood in the queue, awaiting my turn, I saw a variety of vehicles approach the stop signal at the end of the road. There were people who appeared tense, with stress all over them, an aura of sorrow filled through their souls. On the other hand, some of the cars had a different meaning, a couple of teens were having a good time having something to eat, while few of them had children placing themselves in a complex manner all across the seating within.

The point of all this is not what I saw with the public racing towards their destination. Something strange occurred that I never had expected out there. As I saw a jeep covered with a roof pull to a stop, a crow landed on it. There were big trees planted along the edges of the road and they spanned above the entire four-or-six-lane one-way.

After the crow landed, it stared the sidewalk, waiting for an opportunity to grab as it came. The vehicle stood perpendicular to the direction of the crow. No sooner had the signal turned green, the motion of vehicles started to perform its musical harmony, the honks and horns of cars and buses, tempos and bikes lifted as if to notify everyone that a huge urgency had arrived.

As the jeep started to accelerate, the crow did not jerk and fly away. Instead, it stood there looking towards the footpath. Moments later, it turned itself in the direction of the jeep’s motion. It lifted its wings to feel the wind course through the wings of its body and then jumped up to fly above back towards a branch of the tree above. The crow stood along the branch for a long time there and then left elsewhere.

What came to my mind was something different, something that gave me an idea for my story on the crows. I wondered if the crows took the experience of travelling along with vehicles as long as the damage did not happen to their bodies and feathers. What would it be if they liked to travel free-of-cost at the expense of the humans travelling along the roads here and there? Hitching a ride over human vehicles was an exciting approach. Soon enough, the crows would mutate and have the ability to travel much faster than what they manage to fly with their current average speed of 30 mph.