The Wonder of Life

Is it all wonder, a vast beauty of thought towards paradise? I think and I feel it might just be as unreal as it has always been. Nonetheless, have I even wondered if I am real? Or are you? Maybe, even the objects you see, touch, and feel are only a blink of your imagination.

Every part of this self is either made out of memories and experiences of the innumerable dimensions we’ve lived through in a multitudinous span of lives. Or have we only become part of the oneness that might just be across the corner? Or maybe, we are already part of it. There are so many things to wonder about. Our minds can spin and roll into an infinite space of both, void and the otherwise. The lust of imagination that causes the flu for curious exploring minds through spirit is the bliss of it all. No wonder, everything that is part of our life is also part of another. Each and every matter of being, object, no matter it be physical or abstract, is both one and part of the true nature of the whole.

Life is all but filled with complicated matters that are in themselves void in true substance, essence and spirit. To fill these void sections and patterns, we have to wonder the beauty of nature, and the glamour and ecstasy within our true self. All of these man-made concepts are strong, only because they are supported and followed by man himself. Could you imagine yourself to be something other that the human species, only to see them working out things that would spin out your conscience regarding what all the madness went about? Where is all the humanity? Are they really just living their lives? Surviving and going along with the flow of mankind that has conquered the planet? Wondering what it means to be out of the human world is also a life filled with beauty. But that does not mean that we are bad enough to live within the human society and community. It has limits, those which are bound to be bent and broken some day when the right time comes. All we need to experience is our true self in spirit, and not the persona that we wear in front of the people we come in contact with.

Besides this, we all have a common perspective. One that wills us to become creative. One that spreads out a carpet of imagination towards manifesting everything is the world we have. Through various skills, we build civilisations, which in itself is a major accomplishment to ponder about. However, we are mature enough to think why keep fighting amongst ourselves, the people of the world. Why are we so concrete in keeping the lands to ourselves, and be enslaved in the sins of greed and power, to be filled with grabbing and attaining and achieving what others have? Haven’t we all lived through a history of dark times of war and savage, brutal enough to almost wipe out each other? Are we all about wanting so desperately to wish ourselves towards our own wishful and eager death? From the comforts of luxurious satisfaction to the ends of the world, aren’t we content yet to let go of our greed to keep ourselves honest and hopeful for a better future for ourselves? We are all enslaved by our persona in an attempt to give ourselves to the common cause of humanity. But are we truly fulfilling it? Or are we only puppets of the smaller percentage of the people who sit down in the seats of power?

We can imagine the future of a long-lost world of people. Cities and nations, deserted of humans. Its glory lost in the control for power. And when power is granted, there is always a desire to gain more power. We can only wonder how much power we desire to gain from this puny life that we live in such a vast and gigantic universe, where our galaxy itself is like a speck of dust. It is where we can only imagine aliens much advanced than ourselves, isolated in the farther regions of the universe. We all think of them to be superior than the human species. Nonetheless, we never think to come together. Become one as a whole. And in such togetherness, we shall only outlive what powerful forces desire to overcome humanity.

Or are we only thinking of something that we have been doing so far since homo sapiens evolved. As we think of all possible ways to communicate with any possible aliens, we are only thinking of them to be living so far away that we do not even think to glance what is within us. To reach out within ourselves is to make believe what we truly are. Are we really conscious of ourselves, of our true nature? Or are we only subjects to the genes and hormones that attempt to control us and keep us enslaved? These words are not of a single individual, or a person. Many have thought of it. And lots have even communicated about it, speaking or writing about their ways on how life truly can be considered. It is a joy to be in whatever manifestation we are. Even when we are only humans, we only comprehend what we believe, and imagine the infinite possibilities that might be out there. No matter if we are living or dead, object or abstract, we may be one and whole with all that we truly are. And we might just need to realise it soon, before we attempt to exterminate ourselves as human beings.

We may be one, but we are all connected in a mesh of everything that surrounds us, not only in this physical manifestation, but also in ways not understood by us. If we are to grow up from what we currently are right now, we need to understand ourselves, and live in ways to improve the world that we live, supporting only that which is of real necessity. It is only up to us to decide what real things are, and differentiate between what aren’t.

Daily Prompt Challenge – The Daily Post – Wonder

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Branches (the essence in all)

What can one talk about the word “Branch”? Well, there are infinite ways to speak of it. To think of it as a symbolic representation, a word, or a collection of letters is also completely valid, and is a point in fact, true in its own sense.

When it comes to meaning, it does give out various contexts. However, not all websites mention all the same information. Few of them would give out a limited and common terms. On the other hand, there are other websites that give out higher volume of data. Here are some of the few websites giving out information of varying degree:

In very similar patterns of the meaning given above, I would like to present to you some of the few of the infinite areas of where the term “Branch” is used. Everyone knows where this term is employed, whether verbal, written, symbol, or in silence. But anyway, here it goes:

The most common place to look for a branch is to watch trees with lots of branches spread out from its base. We all watch trees almost everyday. (except those living in areas where trees do not grow at all) But the vast majority of people know for the fact that all trees have branches. Even the roots of trees are branched. What more could you possibly think of? Even the leaves and the flowers that grow have are branched to distribute energy across the tree. Petals grow out from the base of the flower, which itself is like branching out life.

Making a choice from different options
Everyone makes choices from all the options we have. We all prioritise different things, based on the situations given to us. Whenever we make a choice, we branch out to seek answers/solutions for a given situation/condition/problem. Every time we make a choice, we do our best to reach the end of a goal. If there are more options given in-between, we make another choice and move ahead. But we always come back to selecting another choice from a given set of options. Although this is part of circling back, it can still be stated as part of branching off from the main stem of options.

These, literally, are some of the most complex part to study. A brain functions differently with regard to the diverse species that exist. We know there are billions of neurons that give out signals through the nervous system, both inside and outside of the human brain. Nerves connect different neurons together so that the signalling is efficient throughout the body. These are nothing but a complex structure of a branching system.

We speak of blood circulation throughout the body. But what good would it be if there was only one single artery/vein that carried oxygen to all the cells? Organs that remain farther away would receive less oxygen supply. Hence, we have branches within our arteries/veins, where all the nutrients required are sent through the arteries, and the unwanted or rejected part is sent back through the veins. As the arteries reach closer to various organs, the blood cells exit from the main artery and move into arterioles.

Solar System
If we have to consider solar systems containing branches, we need to understand the fact that all planets around a star system act according to its gravity and distance. If we are to construct a model of any star system, we observe that the planets revolve around the star. We also find that the natural satellites of planets revolve around these planets. If we draw imaginary lines from the star to the planets, and those from the planets to its satellites, we observe that there exists a system of branching within the star system. There could be a variance between the structure of branching that is based on the number of stars within a star system, as well as how the planets and its satellites revolve around them.

We learn different fields of study, by learning and understanding them closely to benefit our needs and as per our requirements. Once we gain enough knowledge, we decide whether to delve deeper into a specific field of study. (e.g. deciding between arts, commerce, science, etc.) After choosing a specific path, we jump into further studies within a specific field. (e.g. Biology, Mathematics, Psychology, Literature, Economics, Finance, Drama, etc.) These are nothing but the choices we make in our lives. To specialise, or professionalise ourselves in a small spectrum of life; to bring out something new from the existing knowledge of our understanding. Isn’t this also part of what we can call it as consisting of branches?

Non-linear gaming session
In today’s world of video games, we come across non-linear games that provide us to choose our own missions and objectives. A role-playing game allows us to act based on our own choices. Simulations grant us the freedom to construct objects in almost-infinite ways. Strategy games allow us to build up different strategies, based on what kind of games they are. Decision-making in digital board games allow us the freedom to make our own choices giving us varying results that lead to re-playability. These are all systems that have branches where we choose what and how we want to play, and progress in the game to reach a certain goal.

Real-life games
Consider it as options, or games, where we make our own choices through different senses. And through our various filters of perception, we act after making our choice to get a particular result. Some of them might be uncertain, while others would work out as per our expectations. Walking, running, or any sports activity are part of the multi-tiered branching areas where we choose where we want to get better. Even in matters of food, we make our own decisions, experiment with the choices in preparing our own food, that in the end, we find them to satisfy our own experiences. Whether to eat unhealthy or healthy foods is also part of making a choice, and take the branch of deciding where you want to go next. Although we can hop from one branch to the other, we select only one of the choices at any given particular time. Whether to read, write, perform an activity, socialise, meditate, chat, drink, eat, walk a pet, travel, or do anything, is to do one thing alone. And these are just the branches in the story of our life we take.

Whenever you look at anything, it is what you desire to see, based on how you feel. If you feel good, you’re bound to see the good in the world around you. A depressed individual might consider it the other way around. Our eyes focus on our surroundings and the environment around us. With objects and people around us, they change our perspective of the world we perceive. And, so do we. When we look around, we perceive things based on what we feel. However, if we are to suppress our feelings, only to consider and accept what we see as it is, there is nothing left to judge upon. Anaïs Nin quotes it well to mention “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” And to be non-judgemental, we only have to see what we see. Whether it is good or bad, beautiful or ugly, bright or dark, isn’t a way to accept what it is. That is part of making a judgement over what we perceive, based on our memories and experiences. And when we simply accept what our eyes perceive, it is the blissful peace of living in the present, with nothing but to enjoy what our surrounding environment is composed of. Hence, whenever we see things, we choose how things are around us. And these are those branches that we select to live with during our waking times.

Source of light/heat/sound/smell
The various elements that make up our surroundings, our environment, is a vast source of energy. Energy is transferred through a medium. Light travels through vacuum and air. Sound can travel as radio waves. Heat can be felt, just by getting close to its source, or in direct contact. And smell drifts through air as we breathe. If we consider these sources to be the origin, we get that these four elements of nature move in all possible directions, based on their environmental conditions they are subject to. As long as they are allowed to move freely in a given area, the medium attracts the source, and passes it out without any destination. Hence, we have light travelling farther away. Heat spreads as much as possible, only to intensify further inside until the energy is spread wide. Sound attempts to spread out, unless it is bounced and echoed back from varying objects. And smell lingers long enough until it gets diluted away in the surrounding air. If we map all these directions initiating from the source, we get to see a new set of branches that give out a whole new perspective in how science works in each of the given set of the elements.

Big Bang
Our universe is the effect of a big bang that occurred long back. That’s what science tells us. We see the creation of the universe by understanding it. But do we even know what’s outside of it? Whether it would be different universes, or parallel universes, or multi-universes, I have no say in it. Science is only a compilation of theory and practise, claims and analogies, about the rationals and logic. Mysticism may be beyond science, in what is claimed by some of the people who believe in different levels of thinking. Nonetheless, they are all made of human thought, based on the minds of people. However, if we are to consider that the vast galaxies are part of the this universe, and that the cluster of star systems are meant to be part of that galaxy, we can also state that the dark matter, containing a particular substance unknown to us, connects all galaxies to make it a part of the universe. Also, we do have certain theories about wormholes and black holes, which in itself is part of another dimension to study upon. Through logic and rational thinking, man has been able to deduce through theory that these holes are large teleportation devices that might allow faster-than-light (FTL) travel, or even make a jump into a different place within the universe. What if there’s a different dimension where these wormholes and black holes become part of something bigger, something that hasn’t yet been discovered or thought upon. If we are all connected through space in such a manner within a mesh-like object, it is well-understood that each connection leads us to a different place altogether, and a map of the universe can easily be then crafted. Isn’t all of this mesh all but a set of branches that brings together one massive universe together?

Transport System
We walk along different kinds of roads and paths everyday. Even while we are at home, we make a path leading towards the living room, bedroom, or even the restrooms. In the same way, when outside, we use a similar system to locate an address, or explore the world around us. We go on a shopping spree, travel about, meet up with family and friends and enjoy our time together. Traffic on the other hand, has a similar protocol that follows streets, avenues and highways that give directions for vehicles to drive to any given location. Even ships and flights follow certain rules to reach their destination. If we have all of these around us, it is possible to know where we are heading. These are the structural parts of the entire transport system, and we follow them daily. This structure is nothing but the branching of streets from avenues, avenues from highways, and the linking of different roads that create a whole network of branches connected to create a transport system on a gigantic scale at the global level.

Technological breakthrough
Everything advances through time. And with it, the progress of advancement is further achieved at a quicker pace. Through the breakthroughs that occurred using various concepts that were introduced, humans have been the most aggressive species to have advanced themselves to adapt against the forces of nature. Agriculture, paper, mining, trade, biology, chemistry, mathematics, social science, and other backgrounds developed and evolved. And these individual fields progressed towards advanced techniques that have led us to genetics, finance, artificial satellites, governance, and other areas. If we are to consider these specialisations as part of an advanced concept of the basic ones, we can also come to certain advancements where new technologies have been founded with the application of two different technologies. (e.g. Biotechnology, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, security systems, neural networks, etc.) If we have to connect all these, we come up with a giant mesh that grants us the know-how on the technological progress of human civilisation. These are the branches on which mankind has set its path to reach until now. Obviously, there will be other branches and new technologies coming up with time, but the mesh of this technological breakthrough will only grow larger in size.

Abstract concepts
Concepts are formed from individual thinking through ideas gained and recreated by the reverse-engineering and then engineering new, creative ideas that lead people to new things. In our day-to-day lives, we think of many different things, experience various events, and learn new ways to achieve things. It is in the back of our minds, or rather our brain, that we process all of this information to break up all of the gained information, and recreate new theories and concepts that would be associated with the person. The idea is simply put up in his surroundings through any medium of communication. This absorption of concept gives rise to the strength of the theory itself to become stronger and stronger in time as it gains more and more followers. When a certain level is reached, the theory is applied for a common cause over the general population. These abstract concepts are the seeds to a growing tree of followers. And as this tree of followers grow, it strengthens its foundations to make a stand against those who believe it otherwise.

Disclaimer: The above mentioned is only what I believe is to the best of my knowledge, and is completely my opinion. The information might not be completely true and is only a part of my understanding upon the topic of concern.

Daily Prompt Challenge – The Daily Post – Branch

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Big Day Ahead

Daily Prompt Challenge – The Daily Post – Big Day Ahead

It’s the night before an important event: a big exam, a major presentation, your wedding. How do you calm your nerves in preparation for the big day?

Big Exam – It simply felt like a formality to feel educated under the education system.

Major Presentation – Give me a break. I’d rather work in private, research on the topic concerned, then start on creating it. Nonetheless, it’s nothing big.

A Wedding – Impossible (I’m still single, and haven’t experienced it yet. :P)

For me, an important event would consider things like changing the fate of our planet, saving a life, or work on something to make the world a better place.

The other day, a baby squirrel of about 3-4 weeks had lost itself around the house. It was born in a loft above the bathroom ceiling, and, unknown to all the members of the house, fell on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night. By noon, the baby squirrel was found in the balcony of the living room, which squeaked and hopped around everywhere in a desperate attempt to get away.

Unable to get a good grip, it fell each time while making an attempt. As I tried to calm it down, and brush my fingers over its fur, it would pop out and jump in fear of what I might do to him.

After half an hour, I managed to get the squirrel inside a bottle of Bournvita (1 kg) when it attempted to climb along the corner of the wall and fell straight inside. Along the course, It had climbed over me, on to my hands and head, and gotten on my back, ready to jump beyond the gallery into the depth of death. Nonetheless, I ducked down so he fell back inside.

The moment he jumped into the bottle, it curled itself up, eyes staring outside the translucent walls of the bottle.

Few minutes later, after I went downstairs, I got the squirrel out after constantly tapping over the bottle. He seemed to have become comfortable inside, I guess.

Once outside and at the ground level, I stood there for a minute or two, when it started to walk around and head back towards the building wall to climb on. As I thought and took a step ahead to push the baby squirrel towards the other grown-ups, one of them came down a tree and groomed him.

I stood watching the reunion for a couple of minutes. The grown-up squirrel picked the baby, the latter holding itself around the mouth with its hands, legs and tail, and climbed the nearest tree.

Now, where in the world would such important events have a night before to realise such a thing was going to occur the next day. Of course, it was expected that some day, a baby squirrel would fall into our house. Those squirrels have found a really good spot in our house after all.

I wouldn’t be surprised for any such thing called as a ‘Big Day Ahead’, unless I knew of such life-changing events about to occur in my life.

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Howl at the Moon

Daily Prompt Challenge – The Daily Post – Howl at the Moon

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” — Allen Ginsberg
Do you follow Ginsberg’s advice — in your writing and/or in your everyday life?

I have read of wolves in George R.R. Martin‘s A Song of Ice and Fire series and watched werewolves in Twilight and Underworld movie series. I have nothing to do with that sort of thing, if it’s moonlight which starts to take control over my shape shifting stuff.

On the other hand, if there is sunlight within, why does one need moonlight, I’d ask? Should someone have moonlight every time? Is this about the dark side of someone, or the psycho side of the human behaviour? The point for this daily prompt is not specific, and there is a lot of ambiguity in what it has to mention.

For the sake of this discussion, I think I shall put moonlight in such a form:

Inner Moonlight – The ability of allowing to glow with the light of the moon, even when all the sunlight has drowned below, and darkness has crawled into someone’s life. It is how the sun would look like after a supernova occurred.

If it is what I say above, there has never been such a time when darkness surrounded me. I have willed myself to keep it out of reach, by either running, or fighting it when there is no other escape route available. I might be vague in saying this, but the kind of darkness involved within my life is very dark. Even the mention of it in words could give it power to get back out of the darkest regions where it’s been isolated and kept remote from my life.

As far as the Inner Moonlight is concerned, there is something called as intuition, which I recalled now, by which one finds his/her own way, when someone gets lost in their way. One of the best ways to realise and understand is that you are never practically lost. It is only the belief of getting lost. It also goes for something that you might act and react based on a certain activity or incident which triggers one to execute certain actions to solve a given problem.

You might say, I’m more of a preacher then approaching in practical life. There are many examples I could quote, but I do not see the reason to put them up. I’m sure such situations must have risen in your life some time.

Well, I simply howl for the madness in me. And if you have found it to be a muse, then so be it. I wonder how mad I have been, as compared to the real howlers who howl in the dark night and act based on their inner moonlight.

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Ready, Set, Done

Daily Prompt Challenge – The Daily Post – Ready, Set, Done

Our weekly free-write is back: take ten minutes — no pauses! — to write about anything, unfiltered and unedited. You can then publish the post as-is, or edit a bit first — your call.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written a free-write topic. My topics have ranged from out-of-the-world fantasy imaginations to the small objects which we observe during our daily lives.

Space, what Star Trek calls it as The Final Frontier, I have a doubt about that, for we ourselves, are a universe on our own. And the living cells, or maybe an electron is the planet which revolves around the nucleus. If there can be something as large as the universe, then there can also be something smaller which could be a universe shrunken to a different level and magnitude.

How we define the universe is what our perception creates and limits us from what we relate it to. What if we are the contents of the universe which spans over billions of galaxies? Well, if we’re a part of it, then there’s no problem to understand.

On the other hand, consider the body of a living human being. We could call every organ within our body as a galaxy, only that they’re stuck in very close to each other. And what we call as the dark matter, which hooks the galaxies together, is what we could consider as the arteries, veins, and the nerves, which allow them to communicate with each other. We consume and throw out different products from the outside world. Couldn’t we imagine that something outside is fed into our universe, and that matter is processed to allow our universe to grow, as equivalent as our body grows. And finally, the unwanted matter is thrown out of the system, which leads us to an equivalent of star systems to either implode or explode resulting in star dust. It is also an example of dead cells getting discarded by our body.

In any case, I believe that each atom within our body might be a star system of its own. And some of these electrons could be an equivalent of a planet with a life of its own.

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Verbal Confirmation

Daily Prompt Challenge – The Daily Post – Verbal Confirmation

To be, to have, to think, to move — which of these verbs is the one you feel most connected to? Or is there another verb that characterizes you better?

If there is a verb which characterised me better, it’s ‘to imagine‘. I like to imagine things in different perspectives. Especially, when it’s to getting into writing a fictional story. But when I’m not thinking about some idea towards writing, I tend to imagine scenarios and places, situations and problems, with solutions and adventure, mysteries and suspense holding out the essence.

For example, if I watch the skies when the rains pour over every exposed physical entity that appears, I’d like to imagine, what if every raindrop had a life of its own? I’d like to ask whether they intended to fall on their own, or were they following orders as they were charged to execute? On the other hand, what if the waving of the trees had something to do with the heavy rainfall?

Whenever I watch something different occur in my life, it feels like something new has dropped in, changing everything. Imagine the possibilities of a particular situation to occur, in the case of a possible/impossible thing should occur, it may feel like magic sprouting out like a flower, with a fountain at the top.

To make things complicated, I like to imagine a lot. But that doesn’t declare that ‘to be’, ‘to have’, ‘to think’, ‘to move’ or any other verb could be declared as the verb that characterises someone. I’m sure there would be others who would agree on it as well. There may be some who are balanced with different verb combinations, which characterise them. And so it is the same for me too, for I think a lot, when my character speaks out. For if I don’t think, I may not imagine. And to think, I have to believe in myself, which leads me to a third verb, and to believe, is to lead myself to act upon something which I either have knowledge or experience.

Although the daily prompt does specify which verb is better, I believe there may be at least two which run in parallel. But I cannot say that others are less than the ones I mention. For in that, they might lose their trust on me. I know it sounds ridiculous, unless you’ve imagined words to have lived a life of their own.

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