Big Day Ahead

Daily Prompt Challenge – The Daily Post – Big Day Ahead

It’s the night before an important event: a big exam, a major presentation, your wedding. How do you calm your nerves in preparation for the big day?

Big Exam – It simply felt like a formality to feel educated under the education system.

Major Presentation – Give me a break. I’d rather work in private, research on the topic concerned, then start on creating it. Nonetheless, it’s nothing big.

A Wedding – Impossible (I’m still single, and haven’t experienced it yet. :P)

For me, an important event would consider things like changing the fate of our planet, saving a life, or work on something to make the world a better place.

The other day, a baby squirrel of about 3-4 weeks had lost itself around the house. It was born in a loft above the bathroom ceiling, and, unknown to all the members of the house, fell on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night. By noon, the baby squirrel was found in the balcony of the living room, which squeaked and hopped around everywhere in a desperate attempt to get away.

Unable to get a good grip, it fell each time while making an attempt. As I tried to calm it down, and brush my fingers over its fur, it would pop out and jump in fear of what I might do to him.

After half an hour, I managed to get the squirrel inside a bottle of Bournvita (1 kg) when it attempted to climb along the corner of the wall and fell straight inside. Along the course, It had climbed over me, on to my hands and head, and gotten on my back, ready to jump beyond the gallery into the depth of death. Nonetheless, I ducked down so he fell back inside.

The moment he jumped into the bottle, it curled itself up, eyes staring outside the translucent walls of the bottle.

Few minutes later, after I went downstairs, I got the squirrel out after constantly tapping over the bottle. He seemed to have become comfortable inside, I guess.

Once outside and at the ground level, I stood there for a minute or two, when it started to walk around and head back towards the building wall to climb on. As I thought and took a step ahead to push the baby squirrel towards the other grown-ups, one of them came down a tree and groomed him.

I stood watching the reunion for a couple of minutes. The grown-up squirrel picked the baby, the latter holding itself around the mouth with its hands, legs and tail, and climbed the nearest tree.

Now, where in the world would such important events have a night before to realise such a thing was going to occur the next day. Of course, it was expected that some day, a baby squirrel would fall into our house. Those squirrels have found a really good spot in our house after all.

I wouldn’t be surprised for any such thing called as a ‘Big Day Ahead’, unless I knew of such life-changing events about to occur in my life.

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